How to shape future mining? 

Conveners: Jon Russill and Jocelyn Fraser


From infrastructure to cell phones, computers, and a host of other items, mined materials are essential components of the goods and services valued by society. In addition, the transition to a low carbon economy requires increasing quantities of raw materials and the mining industry will play a key role in global decarbonisation efforts.  Yet concerns about the adverse impacts of mining on the environment and on people living in proximity to prospective and operating mines continue to challenge the sector.


In this session, panellists discussed how the pressure on the exploration and mining sector to improve environmental performance and create value for society - not just corporate shareholders - can be an impetus for change.  We examined the ways in which business models need to transform and the opportunity for indigenous peoples, civil society, the financial sector, government and private industry to collaborate and create ecological, social, and economic value through all stages of the exploration and mining cycle, both locally and globally.