Where can we find metals? 

Conveners: Nick Arndt & Tobias Kind

We discussed whether Europe can, or should, produce more of the mineral products that it consumes:

the economic, societal, environmental arguments for more domestic production; the types and amounts of minerals that could be mined; the measures that could be taken to promote such a project; the risks and pitfalls that might make it impossible or of only limited success.

  • What are the benefits and problems associated with more mining in Europe?

  • What kind of mining is possible in Europe and what is impossible? Which metals, which regions, which methods?

  • What volumes of metals could be produced in Europe? To what extent could this limit imports?

  • What are the benefits to up- and downstream companies?

  • The pros and cons of mining in developing countries

  • Civil society perspectives - The importance of communities in areas with potential for future mining

Take-away message
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