Can mining make the world a greener place?

Do you know which metals power your mobile phone? Or what it takes to manufacture a laptop? And how are we going to make all the electric cars we need for a green future?

Join our panel as they discuss our growing demand for new technologies, and the natural resources we need to create them. We'll cover the practicalities of finding the raw materials the world relies on, and whether mining can really be sustainable. 


3 and 4 December 2020

Natural History Museum London

Camping Site in Mountains
Where can we find metals?

Should Europe produce more mineral products that it consumes?

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How to shape future mining?

What are the features of a business model for sustainability ?

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Can mining be safe and sustainable?

What would mining with a minimal impact look like?

Prospects for the Circular Economy

How much metal can we actually recover from manufactured products?

Image by Nathan Van de Graaf
Who decides? 

Exploring environmental, social and governance issues in mine planning.

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